Welcome to Blue Star – Al Ain

Blue Star – Al Ain is one of the most successful expatriate Indian associations in the garden city of Al Ain. Working under the umbrella of the Indian Social Centre – Al Ain, the organization is committed to the Indian community in Al Ain.

Among the major activities of the organization, the annual mega sports festival – Blue Star Family Sports Festival, conducted every year in commemoration of the UAE National day, stands out. Almost four thousand athletes and sports aficionados participate in this mammoth festival, usually held at the most modern facilities of the UAE University stadium, in Al Ain. There are track and field events for all age groups. Team events include sevens football, volleyball, throw ball, khabadi and tug-of-war. Special events for ladies, families and veterans are also included in the festival. Special invitees flown in from India – Olympians P.T. Usha, Shiny Wilson, National champion Wilson Cherian, World Arm Wrestling Champion Joby Mathew have graced the occasion of the festival on various years.

Blue Star also conducts Arts & Literary festival, every year in commemoration of the Indian Republic Day. The festival encompasses various arts and literary competitions for school and university students in the region.

Academic Award functions are organized every year, at the end of the academic year, to encourage and motivate the student community. Achievers in the school final exams are bestowed with awards and medals. Teachers who excel in the noble profession are also recognized during the Academic Award ceremonies Occasionally film festivals to motivate budding film makers in the region are also conducted by Blue Star.

Message from the President

We are in the forefront of social activities in the Garden city. Our activities spread around sports, arts, literary and a myriad of social activities. We try to be a slice of multicultural India in this region; hence we encompass members from all regions of India. We also believe that providing a platform for social and cultural activities also serve as a bridge for the multiracial and multilingual Indian fraternity to interact as true Indians in an alien land. Blue Star has a rich history of working in the forefront of Indian cultural activities in and around Al Ain. We work under the umbrella of the only registered Indian association in Al Ain, viz., Indian Social Centre – Unneen Ponneth.


Message from the General Secretary

Blue Star draws its strength from its members and well-wishers dedicated to the organization.We have grown from a modest football club into a full-fledged socio-cultural organization in a short span of time. We have diversified into various social, cultural, arts and philanthropic areas as well. But sporting activities are still dear to our hearts for the simple reason that sports and games promote a healthy lifestyle.  A sedentary lifestyle is a recipe for diseases that take away man days and often precious lives among us. We do believe that an awareness of sports and physical activities can promote a healthy lifestyle, to some extent. We do hope that our efforts towards social, cultural and sporting causes will bear fruit; the joy and satisfaction we derive from this will always be our driving force – Roby Varghese.